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Get to the heart of Maldives with Maldives Liveaboard Diving


As the Maldives is home to one of the world's most beautiful marine life the perfect way to witness this beauty is to plunge into the warm unspoiled blue waters. Dive sites in the Maldives are widely scattered. While resort island based guests only have access to a limited number of good diving spots: a far greater number can be reached on a Liveaboards and this is unquestionably the best way to see the magnificent underwater of the Maldives.


Maldives have to offer: Mantas and other rays, Sharks, schools of trigger fish, moray eels and napoleon wrasse, Lobsters, multi-hued underwater landscapes and a host of marine creatures. If you are lucky enough you may get to swim along with pilot whales or whale sharks - an experience beyond compare


The Maldives is an archipelago of 26 natural atolls consisting of 1,190 small islands covering an area of 859,000 sq km in the Indian Ocean. The islands which are 80-120 km wide stretch 860 km from latitude 7񴔵5擭 to 04224擲, and lie between longitude 723319擡 to 734613擡. India and Sri Lanka are the country抯 nearest neighbors, lying some 600 km and 750 km north and north east of the Maldives, respectively.

Only 33 inhabited islands of the Maldives have a land area of more than 1 square kilometers while just 3 islands have an area larger than 3 square kilometers. 80 percent of islands have an elevation of less than one meter above sea level. The outer reef protects the islands from being washed away by the ocean waves.

Visa is not a requirement for tourists. A 30-day visa is provided upon arrival. If a visitor intends to extend his/her stay, proper documentation should be obtained from the concerned government authorities. A valid passport is needed for arrival.

If you have made your reservations with us for your stay in a the Maldives or a liveaboards, you will find our representative as you step out of the arrival terminal. they're at your services.

The Maldives has a warm and humid tropical climate, dominated by two monsoons: the rainy south-west monsoon (called Hulhangu by the locals) from May to November, and the dry north-east monsoon (Iruvai) from January till March when winds blow predominantly from either of these two directions. The relative humidity ranges from 73 percent to 85 percent Daily temperatures vary little throughout the year with a mean annual temperature of 28癈. Average annual rainfall is approximately around 2000 mm. The wettest months of the year are generally May, August, September and December, and the driest from January to April. As the country lies on the equatorial calm belt know to mariners as the Doldrums, the affects of cyclones are seldom felt in the country.

People & Culture
Located at the crossways of the Indian Ocean shipping lanes on the main sea way around the Indian subcontinent the Maldives has long been a meeting point for African, Arabs, Malay and Indonesians mariners. Throughout the centuries this as shaped the Maldivian way of life, art and craft and culture of the people and contributed to the rich mix of cultural diversity the people have acquired throughout the centuries.
Today this diverse culture can be seen in the different arts and crafts of the country, starting from the all important fishing dhoni, coral carvings, ornamental pieces and other aspects of Maldivian life.



The atolls

Although the Maldives is made up of 26 geographical atolls, these atolls are grouped to form 20 administrative regions, which also called as atolls.
While the geographical atolls have names such as Thiladhunmathi, Faadhihppolhu and Addu the administrative divisions are named after the letters of the Thaana alphabet, starting from the north. Hence North Thiladhunmathi, the northernmost administrative atoll is known as Haa Alif atoll. Haa, being the first letter of Thaana alphabet and Alif denoting that it is the northern section of Haa atoll. The southern atoll is Addu Atoll also known as Seenu Atoll

Capital Mal
Mal is the commercial and political hub of the Maldives. It is home to all government ministries and departments, all of the larger private companies, banks, communications and the key institutions that control the nation's economic and social life.
The municipality of Mal consists of five districts or wards; four on the island of Mal, a fifth on villingili, the island to the west of Mal, just 10 minutes away by boat. The Mal international Airport is on Hulhule Island, a couple of miles to the north east of Mal.
By most standards with nearly 80,000 residents Mal will be considered a capital of high population destiny.

Inter-island transport
Transport between islands is generally by sea. Passengers and cargo ships operate between the atolls on a regular basis. There are four regional airports in the country. Flights operate regularly between Mal International Airport and the regional airports.

Maldives live close to the elements and therefore have a deep rooted respect for the environment around them. Both tourism and fisheries follow strict environment friendly methods and guidelines either through tradition or rules and regulations.
The government supports a sustainable tourism industry, hence the policies and practices focuses on safeguarding the beautiful fragile environment of the Maldives

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